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The Arndt Family

Married in 1979, Rick and Cathy Arndt bought a big, old house and began to watch their "home team" grow. First came Paul, then John, followed by Mark, then Luke ... A quarter-century later, the old family house held 16 members. Rick and Cathy had been joined by 13 sons -- and a lone daughter!

Growing Up

In addition to forming an actual team (Dad and the guys have played in softball leagues for two decades), the family began to build home-based businesses. In 1985 they took the plunge into homeschooling, an adventure that continued through the next three decades.

Safe at Home

The Arndts went on to form Safe at Home, a non-denominational, not-for-profit Christian ministry that lets them connect with others through various media avenues. They host livestreams from their Illinois home, and have a passion to bring God's love to those who are hurting.

Coming Together

In 2001 the Arndts picked up their hammers and began work on another homestead. The new place was built in the country, on a farm field with enough room for a softball diamond! A year-and-a-half later the family left the house that Rick and Cathy had entered as newlyweds.


Over the years, the family has been featured on TLC/Discovery Health, Inside Edition, the Fox Network, the Montel Williams show, and in many other media outlets. They have filmed and produced the FamTeam and Safe at Home TV series, and are presently filming a movie.

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